Babozoo is the Perfect Game from the Age of 6 Months.

Let Baby Explore Over Fifty Different Animals Cartoons and Calls.

Is that already happened to you ?

When you are using your smartphone, Baby's eyes twinkle and they absolutely wants to handle it and touch this new and exciting thing. It seems as though a Smartphone screen just catches child’s eyes and won’t let go - they’re compelled to touch it.


During their first year, the babies develop their capacity gradually to emit sounds. The prattlings and the cries will gradually lead them to the repetition of syllables. It is towards the 6 months age which the children start to understand what certain sounds mean. Babozoo makes it possible to your baby to explore a whole panoply of different and stimulative sounds. Allured or intrigued by all these sounds, baby will still renew the experiment.

Baby Decides

Baby decides the rhythm of run of the images and this dynamics stimulates its cognitive development. In a coloured and sound environment, your baby will develop his visual and auditive memory. It is a play which implies really the child, it is amusing and full with surprises. It makes more than to satisfy the curiosity of the young children, it develops a true pleasure of learning.